What is behind the 'triangulate' function for matching points in stereo images?

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Hi all,
I am trying to understand the math behind this function and how it is implemented in Matlab, does anybody know anything about that?
Thanks, Paulo.

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KSSV on 9 Oct 2017
When ever you read the documentation of a function in MATLAB.....reference is also mentioned.
Paulo Araujo
Paulo Araujo on 9 Oct 2017
Hi KSSV, thanks for the answer, I already checked the book, however at this section a couple of methods is presented, I'd like to know which one is related to this Matlab's command.
Robert Reed
Robert Reed on 13 Mar 2018
I have the same problem as Paulo. The MATLAB reference does not distinguish whether MATLAB uses the homog vs. inhomog solution decribed in Hartley & Zisserman. They have substantially different properties for certain applications.

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