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Is there a separate function just for volume rendering not like the app volumeViewer

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The volumeViewer in 2017a is a very cool, fast and useful tool for visualising 3D volume data. Its speed for rendering 3D images is very fast, at least significantly fast than using the isosurface method. Apparently, it uses the GPU to speed up rendering process. I am wondering if there is a separate function provided just for volume rendering (like the usage of function surf or isosurphase)? Currently the volumeViewer is provided as an app, which cannot be integrated into another figure using subplot. By the way, it will be move convenient if the histogram is integrated in the volumeViewer app as well. It can be useful for adjusting the opacity. Many thanks.
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Guojin Feng
Guojin Feng on 19 Sep 2017
I notice there is a pcode file named VolumeRenderer.p, which is placed in the same location as volumeViewer.p. I guess this should be a function for GPU accelerated GPU rendering. I have tried But it shows "Not enough input arguments". Does anyone know how to use this function VolumeRenderer?

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