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im saving two images but how do i change their names ?

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Hi, Basically the code saves the two images, but how would i go about giving each image a name? because atm they are overwriting each other because i haven't assigned a name to them yet.
Savesinog = uigetdir(workdir,'Please select the destination directory');
imagetype= ['.tif']
FileName = fullfile(Savesinog,imagetype)
Adam on 15 Sep 2017
Just add a name into the fullfile call. You have a directory and an extension at the moment with no filename.
FileName = fullfile( Savesinog, someFilename, imagetype );
Stephen23 on 15 Sep 2017
Edited: Stephen23 on 15 Sep 2017
fullfile does not magically append the file extension, this has to be done independently of fullfile:
FileName = fullfile(Savesinog, [someFilename,imagetype]);

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