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translating from idl to matlab

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hasan alhussaini
hasan alhussaini on 25 Aug 2017
Answered: Michelle Wu on 28 Aug 2017
Hi I'm trying to translate some codes i have from IDL to matlab.
the idl codes are
lineflat = reform(flatsub(*,cutline))
this is my understanding in matlab
lineflat = reshape(flatsub,cutline,:);
however i get an error that ":" that tells me "Undefined function or variable 'reshape'"
if i change the : to [] it works? but im not sure if its the same function flatsub is a variable, and cutline is a number.

Answers (1)

Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 28 Aug 2017
If you are trying to call the MATLAB built-in function 'reshape', you need to follow the correct syntax in order for it to work. As can be seen from the ' reshape ' documentation, you can specify a single dimension size of '[]' to have the dimension size automatically calculated. On the other hand, ':' is not a valid input for the 'reshape' function.


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