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Matlab Mobile iOS Keyboard shortcuts

Asked by Simon Dybeck Carlsson on 24 Aug 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Simon Dybeck Carlsson on 24 Aug 2017
Hi I just started using Matlab Mobile with my iPad and a bluetooth keyboard. Is there any keyboard shortcuts to "evaluate" and do other things?
(for example the Apple Pages app on iPad has many keyboard shortcuts which are useful)
Thanks in advance! Regards Simon


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1 Answer

Answer by Pradeep
on 24 Aug 2017

The following keyboard shortcuts should work
  • Run a command: command+r (or) command+alt+r (for iOS keyboards)
  • Save: command+s
  • Comment a line: command+/
  • Uncomment a line: command+t
  • tab: tab
  • shift tab: shift+tab

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thanks! evaluate works :) and save. Would be nice to have more commands/functions in the app though

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