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Problem display when i.m plot height and direction wave in map

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dear all,
i want plot height and direction wave sea in map.
when i run this script, i get error syntax..
the message error is:
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in test1 (line 22) contourf(lon,lat,SWH1(:,:,9)','LineStyle','none');
Can any one tell how to solve this problem
I attached too the data input (in netcdf):
here is my script:

Answers (1)

KSSV on 9 Aug 2017
Edited: KSSV on 9 Aug 2017
Replace line 22 with:
Your lon, lat are matrices of size 25X25......your SWH1 is a 2D matrix of size are expecting it to be 3D and trying to plot SWH1(:,:,9) the error...
eko supriyadi
eko supriyadi on 9 Aug 2017
ok thanks..
this my result (see image attached)..
when i'm replace number 9 from SWH1, the contour of wave is empty (display with white area).
and also how display wave direction with above script.. because i'm need these 2 parameter (height and direction wave) to display in one map.
i attach too the m_map toolbox to process this research from:
thanks in advance

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