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M110B input and output compared

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Nina Buchanan
Nina Buchanan on 22 Jul 2017
Simulink has a M110B demo model opened by commmilstd188110b, which I want to adapt to real-world use. The demo uses a Bernoulli generator, and compares the input and output bits. The generator has a sample time of 1/600 (for 600 bps speed) with 120 samples per frame. I put in a random uint8 generator, with sample time of 1/75 and 15 samples per frame. That feeds an integer to bit converter with 8 bits per integer and boolean output. This gives the same 120x1 input as the demo and, when run, BER metric shows the input and output to be identical. But if I display the results or pipe them to the workspace, they are not the same. Even when going back to the demo, the input numbers (1 or 0) are not the same as the output. But the BER metric says they are identical. How can this be?

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