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How to convert cell to double array?

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My data is with size of 2050x1 and its class label as 'cell', how do convert it into double so that i can plot the graph? thanks for the help in advance

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 19 Jul 2017
Gil - is each element of your cell array a numeric scalar or numeric array? See cell2mat which provides some examples on how you might do this conversion.

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Damdae on 27 Jul 2019
Try str2double:
cell2mat({'01'}) = '01' (double)
str2double({'01'}) = 1 (char)
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Giuseppe Degan Di Dieco
Giuseppe Degan Di Dieco on 29 Nov 2021
Thanks Damdae, very useful tip to convert
cell array, containg numbers, to double.

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Philipp Prestel
Philipp Prestel on 24 Jun 2023
The absolute easiest way I know is comma seperated list assignment, which looks like this;
a = [{25}; {31}; {24}; {5}; {23}; {64}; {12}; {53}; {22}];
b = [a{:}]'
b = 9×1
25 31 24 5 23 64 12 53 22
I don't know whrether it is any good, but it works if the values of all cells are of the same type. just keep in mind that it will transpose a columnvector to a rowvector.


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