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timeseries array into bps stream

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Nina Buchanan
Nina Buchanan on 17 Jul 2017
Answered: Don Zheng on 19 Jul 2017
In a Simulink model, I have a timeseries array (uniform times of .01 and data in uint8)that I need to feed into an encoder as a bits per second stream. The sample time on this stream needs to be 1/1200, 1/600, 1/300, or 1/150 with 0.2 samples per frame. The output needs to be boolean. How could I do this? Thanks for any help.

Accepted Answer

Don Zheng
Don Zheng on 19 Jul 2017
You may consider using a Level-2 MATLAB S-Function block between the input block and the encoder block. In the S-Function block, define a buffer to hold the input data and emit the required amount of bits out per simulation time step.

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