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Diresh kumar
Diresh kumar on 26 Mar 2012
Hello, I need a help from u all actually. In my project, I'm using MATLAB as GUI and i'm new for it. My Bluetooth will send digital data to my personal computer. From there i need to take reading from the port and plot in GUI. What is the step i should do? your help really will be appreciated. Thanks very much.

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Wasim Akhlaq
Wasim Akhlaq on 26 Mar 2012
For making an GUI Please check this link, it may be helpful for making an GUI in Matlab..

Wasim Akhlaq
Wasim Akhlaq on 18 Apr 2012
You can read data from COM Port using this code,
% Simple test Code of Serial Communication in Matlab %
Ser_Obj = serial ('COM14','BaudRate',1200); % Adjust COM Port and BaudRate with your requirements %
fopen (Ser_Obj); % Opening Serial Port Obj for Communication %
ReadData = fscanf(Ser_Obj); % Read Data String by String %
fclose(Ser_Obj); % Close Serial Object %
delete(Ser_Obj); % Delete the Serial Object %
clear Ser_Obj; % Clear the Serial Object %

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