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Any MATLAB functions for prediction index and Brier score

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Hi everyone,
I have 3 groups (group A, B, and C) and I've performed logistic regression between group A&B, and A&C. My outcome measurements are beta values and risk and I would like to calculate a prediction index and afterwards use Brier scores.
Are there any MATLAB code for any of these calculations?
Thanks a lot,

Answers (1)

Rollin Baker
Rollin Baker on 12 Apr 2017
Hi Eric,
MATLAB has quite a few options for your use case, particularly within the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox. The predict function is used to predict the response of linear regression models, and seems like a good fit for what you are trying to accomplish. The following page shows how to use the predict function:
Depending on how you are calculating Brier scores, you can use the built-in math operations to model them.
Good luck on your project!

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