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Code for deleting and adding connection between Simscape and Simulink blocks

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How do I delete or add a line between a Simscape and Simulink block? If I delete the Simscape lines by getting the 'LineHandles', storing them in A and then using
>> delete_line(A.RConn)
>> detele_line(A.LConn)
all Simscape connections get deleted but the Simulink connection remains. In addition, after I have deleted the connecting line I cannot add it any more using the add_line command. Is there a special code for Simulink/Simscape connections since I have to use different syntax for pure Simulink/Simulink and Simscape/Simscape connections? Thank you!
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Mathew Thorne
Mathew Thorne on 17 Jan 2018
any solution found?
I had 2015b and could use delete_line(gcb, A.RConn, B.LConn) (ie using handles) to delete a line between two subsystems made of simscape components. But since moving to 2016b I have apparently lost this functionality?

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