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Use Stateflow to react on physical parameters and adjust system parameters accordingly

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I am trying to implement a control loop for a physical system via Stateflow. Within the Stateflow logic the physical signal should be evaluated and depending on it one parameter of the physical system (Simscape) adapted during runtime. All attempts on trying to realize this system have failed so far because a) Simscape does not allow to change parameters during runtime b) there seems to be a problem concerning algebraic loops such as this control loop. My focus so far has been on changing the input for the element and thus its characteristics depending on a PS converted Simulink signal created by Stateflow. Is there another way to solve this problem avoiding problem a) and b) or should my Ansatz generally work and I have made another mistake?
Thank you!

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Shivang Menon
Shivang Menon on 24 Mar 2017

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