Read Back Mapped File Wasting too Much Memory

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Ka Mirul
Ka Mirul on 1 Mar 2017
Commented: Jan on 1 Mar 2017
Dear Matlab users, I have a problem when read back mapped file. I use memmapfile to directly map a portion of TIFF file into my m-file. And it works for 1200 files and store it as character. This is the example :
nfile = 12000
rawdata = {1.nfile}
for i = 1 : nfile
rawdata{i} = memmapfile ('i-th.tiff') ; % just for example
However when i call back and try to use the data inside rawdata, the process taking too much used memory during read out mapped file:
for i = 1 : nfile
read_out = rawdata{i}.data ;
imwrite(read_out) ;
I have search for related problem and find nothing. Is anyone in this forum have same problem and have the solution? Thank you for your help.
Best Regards
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Jan on 1 Mar 2017
How much is "too much"? How do you determine the amount of used memory? What do you expect when you map 1200 files to memory? How large are the TIFFs?

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