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I have 10 variables or so and want to create a structure at the end of my code for those variables. I tried this s = struct ('continous_emissions',[final_m_co2_g_sec,final_m_co_g_sec, final_m_thc_g_sec, final_m_no_g_sec, final_m_no2_g_sec, final_m_nox_g_sec]); but i get one structure with all length 1200*6. I want to have them as continous_emissions.final_m_co2_g_sec,continous_emissions.final_m_co_g_sec and so all.....not all in one.
Any ideas??

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 22 Feb 2017
Like this?
continous_emissions = struct('final_m_co2_g_sec',final_m_co2_g_sec,...
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sri satya ravi
sri satya ravi on 22 Feb 2017
Yes that works.....

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