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how can I access/change data in images.geo​trans.Poly​nomialTran​sformation​2D object?

I want to change A and B for the result of images.geotrans.PolynomialTransformation2D, but how can I access these matrices? Or how can I create an object of PolynomialTransformation2D type? When I copy the data to a new dummy variable and try to change A, I get "You cannot set the read-only property 'A' of PolynomialTransformation2D"
Do I have to change the permissions of the object?


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Answer by Vandana Rajan on 20 Feb 2017
 Accepted Answer

I tried the example given in
and then did the following
dummy = [tformPolynomial.A+0.01];
tformPolynomial2 = images.geotrans.PolynomialTransformation2D(dummy,tformPolynomial.B);
Is this the kind of thing you wish to try?