Code not running when using &&

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sri satya ravi
sri satya ravi on 14 Jan 2017
Edited: sri satya ravi on 14 Jan 2017
Why is my code not running when using a && operator??
for i = 1:length (Power); if Power (i,1) >= 0.3*(max(Power)); Power_Boolean(i,1) = 1; else Power_Boolean(i,1) = 0; end end
for i = 1:length (RPM_Boolean); if (RPM_Boolean == 1) & (Torque_Boolean == 1) & (Power_Boolean == 1); Condition(i,1) = 1; else Condition (i,1) = 0; end end
I want to have the values where all three conditions are met

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Jan 2017
Please read this so people can read your post.
Your code won't run if you use && with arrays. You have to use & to do an element-wide AND of corresponding elements. You're best off computing the result of the whole expression and saving it in one variable, then you'll typically want to put the resulting variable into any() or all() function.

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