How to access variables to calculate MSE

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shazwani seth
shazwani seth on 6 Dec 2016
Commented: shazwani seth on 6 Dec 2016
How should i write if i need to calculate MSE using the values from the first row in my original variable called ori_bytes and the first row of my compressed variable call comp_bytes? Then the system need to continue calculating MSE until the last row. I have 100 rows in both ori_bytes and comp_bytes

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Dec 2016
all_mse = sum((double(ori_bytes) - double(comp_bytes)).^2, 2);
No loop needed.
This assumes that your "comp_bytes" are what has been reconstructed by compression and decompression.
shazwani seth
shazwani seth on 6 Dec 2016
how can I change the value of my data from double to floating? is that even possible? I get my MSE ^11 which is very big. I believe MSE should be ^-ve number right?

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