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Problems loading ascii file (.b00)

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Eric on 3 Nov 2016
Commented: Adam on 3 Nov 2016
Hi everybody,
I have had some trouble loading ascii files ending in (.b00). When I write the following:
S = load('test.b00');
It gives me the following error:
"Error using load Number of columns on line 2 of ASCII file test.b00 must be the same as previous lines."
Any ideas on how to fix it?
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Adam on 3 Nov 2016
Well, are the number of columns on line 2 the same as previous lines? I never load ASCII files, but the simple load option doesn't appear to support anything fancy like headers so unless your file contains just regular data that can be read into an array it will likely give an error like that.
But I have no idea what is in your file so I couldn't say. The error message gives a very clear statement as to what is wrong though.

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