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eigen values (principle stresses) of large date

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Hi all, I need to calculate the eigenvalues(principle stresses). My data is based on time and for each time interval, i have 9 components (3x3 matrix). I am not familiar with matlab but i learned that i can calculate the eigenvalue with a simple eig() command. So in this case, how can use this command (will it require a for loop) so that in the end, i am able to plot the time vs. eigen values. (3 values). Will appreciate any ideas or suggestion?

Accepted Answer

Farouk Moukaddem
Farouk Moukaddem on 26 Aug 2016
Hi Fawad,
You can use a for-loop and the "eig" function to find the eigenvalues of the three matrices you have, by grouping the matrices into a cell array and iterating over it.
Refer to the following example:
A=[1 2;3 4],
B=[5 6;7 8];
C=[9 10;11 12];
D={A,B,C}; % Creating the cell array
for i=1:3
Refer to the following documentation link for more information about the "eig" function:

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