How to increase Stack Size when starting ANSYS Batch?

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Dear all,
I am facing problems when trying to perform an Ansys calculation via a Batch file started from Matlab. I simply start the Batch file like this:
Ansys starts bulding the model and ends just when starting to calculate the model. If I start the Batch file directly from the cmd there is no problem. Evene starting it with VBA from Excel it works fine. I even tried the way to start the vba command in excel from matlab, this failed again.
So I guess it has to do something with how Matlab starts the Batch file or any other external programm. Is there any space restrinctions built in the system command?
I have read something about increasing the stack size to improve Ansys Performance. The FE-Model is quite big. So how can I increase the stack size in the system command call?
I am using MatLAB R2016a, ANSYS 17.0 and Windows 7
Thanks a lot for your help in advance. Regards, Pablo

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Masato Takahashi
Masato Takahashi on 11 Nov 2016
Hi Pablo,
My friend faced a similar problem. Though we haven't tried the solution yet, the thread may be helpful:
I hope it works.

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