How to make published html look as good as the blogs on MATLAB Central?

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Check out any of the posts on Cleve's Corner, for example this one. As with all blogs on MATLAB Central it is supposedly published from a MATLAB script using the built-in html publishing feature. But when I try to publish a script with LaTeX equations it looks nothing like this! Inline math is never aligned with the text, and display math is not centered. And all math is low-res images and looks rather bad. Are there some settings that I am missing, possibly undocumented, or is the blogs' html perhaps post-processed by professional tools? More generally, is there anything I can do to make math look better in published scripts?

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per isakson
per isakson on 3 Aug 2016
Edited: per isakson on 1 Feb 2020
I don't think you have missed anything documented.
I had a look at the html-code of Cleve's blog and I think it uses Beautiful math in all browsers, whereas the standard Publish does not. Yes, that is indeed the case, see Cleve’s Corner: Cleve Moler on Mathematics and Computing
The description of the FEX contribution Relativistic rocket by Mikhail contains the paragraph: "See published html help for more information. The html help uses MathJax javascript to display formulas if you are connected to Internet. Otherwise, it falls back to pre-generated PNG images."
And see the discussion in the comments of LaTeX Formula Publishing   and Google finds more for "Matlab MathJax".
I made a small experiment (R2016a) with an example of the documentation in combination with a sentence of Cleve's blog. It confirms your observations.
The rendering of Cleve's blog looks better.
The quality of the rendering of the example in the documentation is similar to that of my experiment.

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