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Kruskal Wallis test using Matlab - unequal sample sizes

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Hi everybody,
I'm currently trying to perform Kruskal Wallis test comparing 3 groups with unequal sample size. Does anyone know if it's feasible?
In an attempt to solve the problem I tried to replace the zeros with NaN but it gives me the same results as with zeros.
Function used:
[p,tbl,stats] = kruskalwallis(x);
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Isaac Kipkemoi
Isaac Kipkemoi on 23 Nov 2019
Did you get the answe this question, the suggestion by @Paul Anderson didnt help me

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Answers (1)

Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson on 1 Jun 2017
Edited: Paul Anderson on 1 Jun 2017
This can be done using the grouping variable option in the kruskalwallis function. See the grouping example in the function's documentation here: Kruskal Wallis - Grouping Example


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