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How effective is Report Generator DOM API on linux?

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Tom Clark
Tom Clark on 22 Jul 2016
Commented: Tom Clark on 22 Jul 2016
I need to create an automated reporting system, for software that will ultimately be deployed to linux, windows and mac machines.
Not at all interested in MS Word (tend to avoid it like the plague), but I'll need to render PDF documents as output. Preferable, but not essential for now, is the need to create HTML templates. I need to do it programatically, rather than via a script, so the Report Generator DOM API seems ideal.
Question 1: Does anyone know what engine is used by the DOM API to generate pdf output (and whether it's cross platform compatible e.g. latex as opposed to word)?
Question 2: If the engine is latex, can we get access to the .tex files rather than the 'static' PDF?
Thanks in advance!


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Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 22 Jul 2016
  1. As of R2016a, you can go direct to pdf on Linux without needing Office or Word installed. It pipes it direct to PDF without LaTex.
  2. N/A, No.

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Tom Clark
Tom Clark on 22 Jul 2016
Succinct and complete answer, thanks Sean!

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