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Is there a way to convert FORTRAN source code into MATLAB coding without using MEX?

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I'm a beginner using MatLab 2016 Student wanting to convert FORTRAN source code into MatLab. I've read about MEX converting FORTRAN into binary code, but cannot understand how to convert binary into ASCII (?) format. Can someone please explain this conversion process?

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 7 Jul 2016
In general, you cannot take a compiled binary file and run it through some process to recover the original ASCII source code. You either need to use the binary file as-is, or find the original source code, or write new source code.
James Tursa
James Tursa on 7 Jul 2016
If you have the Fortran source code, then yes give that a shot and it may get you 90% of the way there (you will still have to hand edit the results to fix things that were not converted correctly). But your Question stated you wanted to convert the mex'ed binary file back to the original ASCII source code ... and that you cannot do.

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