Create an array of n function handle

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Felix Lauwaert
Felix Lauwaert on 12 May 2016
Commented: Guillaume on 13 May 2016
How can I create a set of ode equations?
fun1 = @(t,x,k) x-k;
I want to generate a function of n entries like:
funN = @(t,x,k) [ x(1)-k
x(n)-k ];
I want to run the program for different values of n, so I can't create the full function handle bu hand.

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Guillaume on 12 May 2016
Edited: Guillaume on 12 May 2016
I'm not sure why your anonymous functions take a t input that they don't use. Anyway:
funN = @(~, x, k, N) reshape(x(1:N) - k, [], 1);
and to create a cell array of them:
N = 10; %for example
allfuns = arrayfun(@(n) @(t, x, k) funN(t, x, k, n), 1:N, 'UniformOutput', false);
Guillaume on 13 May 2016
I answered the title of your question (how to create an array of n functions handles) but I missed the subquestion (how can I create a set of ODE equations).
As far as I know, you cannot pass an array of function handles to the ODE solvers, you have to give them a single function to solve. Hence, why you're getting the error. The ODE did not expect a cell array.
However, I'm unclear on exactly what you want to solve. To solve for one n value, you'd use only one of the allfuns function:
n = 5; %for example
ode45(allfuns{5}, ...)
%or without bothering with the cell array:
ode45(@(t, x, k) funN(t, x, k, n), ...)

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