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Simulink design LQR controller

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Alfred Darling
Alfred Darling on 29 Apr 2016
Commented: Drill Be on 14 Aug 2017
I need control this model with LQR controller.
I implemented the cost function with:
x=[Pm w] u=[a]
where, Pm is manifold pressure, w is the speed and a is the trhottle angle.
First step I have linearized the model with:
[a b c d]=linmod('Engine');
subsequently I use
where I choose
q=[0.1 0 0 0;0 0.1 0 0;0 0 0.1 0;0 0 0 1] and r=500.
I have create the controller block in this mode:
I have an errors for this block : Error in port widths or dimensions. Output port 1 of 'eng1/Subsystem/Gain1' has 4 elements. This port does not accept the dimensions (or orientation) specified by the output signal.
Someone can you help me?
Thank you so much in advance.
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Drill Be
Drill Be on 14 Aug 2017
How did you define the system matrices (a,b, c,d), what are the dimensions? It seems you q and r matrices are not appropriate size with system matrices.

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