error nonlinear model fit

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Mahmoud Zeydabadinezhad
Mahmoud Zeydabadinezhad on 26 Apr 2016
Hello All, I'm trying to use as below:
X = [mean_age_group1', TMI_group1']; %%Design matrix
Y = mean_FA_group1'; %%Response vector
FA_fun = @(b,x)b(1) + b(2)*x(:,1).^b(3) + b(4)*x(:,2).^b(5);
beta0 = [0.25 0.0005 1 -0.1 1];
mdl_FA =,Y,FA_fun,beta0);
But I receive the following error:
Error using internal.stats.getscheffeparam>ValidateParameters (line 182)
If non-empty, JW must be a numeric, real matrix.
Error in internal.stats.getscheffeparam (line 110)
[J,VF,VP,JW,Intopt,TolSVD,TolE,VQ,usingJ] = ValidateParameters(J,VF,VP,JW,Intopt,TolSVD,TolE,VQ,allowedIntopt);
Error in nlinfit (line 433)
sch = internal.stats.getscheffeparam('WeightedJacobian',J(~nans,:),'Intopt','observation','VQ',VQ);
Error in NonLinearModel/fitter (line 1123)
Error in classreg.regr.FitObject/doFit (line 94)
model = fitter(model);
Error in (line 1430)
model = doFit(model);
Any idea what is the problem?
Thank you!

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