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GUI Question: Save user preferences between everytime an application is launched?

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If a GUI requires an input of name or something similar, is it possible to 'save' this so that the next time the application launches, that input is still there?

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 5 Mar 2016
A - when the GUI closes, you can save any data you want to a mat file. See save for details. Then, when the GUI is launched (some time in the future), you can look for that mat file and load the data from it. See the attached for an example which does the following in the OpeningFcn
fileName = 'myGuiData.mat';
if exist(fileName,'file')
data = load(fileName);
username = data.username;
username = char(inputdlg('Please enter your name: '));
welcomeStr = ['Welcome ' username '!'];
In the above, we check for the existence of a file name (the initialization file for the GUI). If it is found, then we load its data and, in particular, the user name. Else, we prompt the user for his or her name and save that result to a file. The user's name is then set in the text control.


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