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GUI Question: Have a pop-up dialog which has license agreement? Accept/Decline pushbuttons.

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Hi guys,
I want to have a pop-up dialogic box with 'accept' and 'decline' pushbuttons BEFORE the application is launched. If users hit 'decline', the application exits.
Is this possible?
Thank you

Answers (1)

Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 4 Mar 2016
Edited: Jos (10584) on 4 Mar 2016
Sure! You can, for instance, use QUESTDLG for this:
function Main
disp('Welcome to this function.') ;
ButtonName = questdlg('Do you accept agreement','License', ...
'Accept', 'Decline', 'Accept') ;
if ~isequal(ButtonName,'Accept')
disp('License not accepted. Program terminated.')
disp('Program continues.') ;
A on 4 Mar 2016
Edited: A on 4 Mar 2016
How could I create this wrapper function? I'm a little green to GUIDE...
Also, with 'questdlg' the user can just hit the cross in the top right of the dialog window to close it and still use the program?
Adam on 5 Mar 2016
The wrapper function would just be like any other function.
Put Jos' code in it and then simply call your GUIDE GUI afterwards. You can call a GUI simply by its name (if it takes arguments pass them to it as a function, but I assume yours doesn't).
So in the else part of Jos' code you would launch your GUI as e.g.
MyGUI( );
If you GUI is in MyGUI.fig and MyGUI.m

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