Partial not all possible k combinations out of total N in MATLAB

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I have a list of 60 IDs, and I'd like to have ONLY around 10,000 of all possible 30 combinations out of the total 60 IDs. How can I do this in MATLAB? combnk() and nchoosek() won't help because the vector size is greater than 15. I appreciate any help or comment.
Thank you!

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 22 Feb 2016
I assume you mean to generate 10000 samples of 30 elements taken from a superset of 60 elements.
What is the problem? Just sample randomly. The odds of a duplicate sample are pretty small, given the huge number of combinations possible:
Warning: Result may not be exact. Coefficient is greater than 9.007199e+15 and is only accurate to 15 digits
> In nchoosek (line 92)
ans =
Regardless, if you are worried, then generate 10001 samples, then throw the result into unique, with the rows option. If no replicates, toss the extra one.


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