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How to predict next value using time series that have only 1 column and 14000 rows ?

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I want to predict next internet traffic data on links. I have a time series that only 1 column/14000 rows. I want to create a neural network, then I will train it with %70, no validate(if not necessary) and test with %30 of time series values. At last, I want to calculate the MAPE for predictions/target only. I have a few questions, will be glad with your answer:
1- I am not sure but using the NAR network type now. Which network type should I choose ? NARX, NAR or Non Input/Output type ?
2- I think the MAPE is calculating for all 14000 values. But I want to calculate the MAPE for only Predictions/Test(~=4200 values). How can I do that ?
This is my time series. Thank for all answers.

Accepted Answer

Greg Heath
Greg Heath on 7 Apr 2017
1. Transpose to get 1 row.
2. Search the NEWSGROUP and ANSWERS with
narnet tutorial
Good Luck,

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