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How to publish a script including many figures but not opening them on the screen

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I have a script which plots many figures. I would like to publish it, with all the figures. But I don't need all the figures to be activated and shown on the screen. There are dozens of them and I will have to close them one by one manually. How should I do it?

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Stephen23 on 7 Jan 2016
Edited: Stephen23 on 8 Jan 2016
Here are a few ideas to make managing figures easier:
  • Instead of multiple figures just create one figure, and then update and change its axes and any plotted data as required.
  • Use the visible figure property.
  • Dock the figures.
  • Store the figure handles in a vector, and then delete (in code) them once they are superfluous.
You will need to consider what works best for your situation, and of course it will require more thought and work than if you click them closed manually. I would highly recommend that you use one figure and change its contents, or if multiple figures really are necessary then keep track of their handles. Read this:


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