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silent (night) install

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Jeremy Rutman
Jeremy Rutman on 25 Dec 2015
Edited: Jeremy Rutman on 25 Dec 2015
Hi, I am trying to do a silent install of matlab on a remote server with no gui. So I edited the installer_input.txt , adding my key and path to license file. On running
root@braini1:~/mlb# ./install -mode silent -inputFile installer_input.txt
I hit :
Using a File Installation Key requires you run the installer from a MATLAB DVD or from a directory which contains files previously downloaded via the installer.
I downloaded the .iso and mounted it on the server in another directory (which I called iso) and then tried installing with the installfile that has my key etc in it:
root@braini1:~/iso# ./install -mode silent -inputFile ../mlb/installer_input.txt
./install: 1: eval: /root/iso/bin/glnxa64/install_unix: Input/output error
1. How would I get this to work 2. Is there some other way to do this than to download the 7Gb .iso?

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