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Software requierements for Matlab Engine for Python

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I'm in a company and we want to deploy our matlab functions on a server to provide a webservice for our clients. We're using python, so I think the "Matlab Engine for Python" (MEP) might do the job. The problem is that I can't get answers about the required software to provide this solution. I saw that latest matlab version embeds MEP, so I just need to buy it and install it on our server. Am I right ? Is it sufficient ?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Dec 2015
You need MATLAB R2014b or later; see; the newest version has the most improvements.
To provide web service for your clients you need to comply with the MATLAB Terms of Use with regards to web deployment. It has been a while since I read through them; if they have not changed then you will need something like a Floating License (essentially the most expensive type of license that is not assigned to a particular user) if you wish to provide access to people outside your organization.
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Jordan Brouns
Jordan Brouns on 21 Dec 2015
Thanks, I will take a look to the MATLAB Terms of Use.
Actually, our clients will not have a real access to our matlab functions. They will ask to make some computation, and we run it for them on our server, then we give our clients their results. I'm not sure that the distinction is significant.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 21 Dec 2015
To deploy to Python as a web service, you'll want to look into Compiler SDK and probably MATLAB Production Server.

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