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Want to put my matlab gui (made from GUIDE) on a website so people can use it?

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Hi guys,
I have created a simple GUI interface where users input 3 variables into a textbox and hit a 'plot' button which renders a 3d surface of certain equations based on those variables.
I know I can create a .exe of this GUI interface from matlab, but what I would love is to have this or something like this on a website where users can go to "" and be able to use my interface?
Please advise what I should do. Thanks.
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Hi guys,
I am desperately trying to find a way to put matlab interface on a website like what is given in the example here:
Is it possible that I can go to and then be presented with a few inputs, a calculate button, and then on the right side I see a plot based on the inputs?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 11 Nov 2015
You need to read through your license file in detail about this. It is legal to make compiled executables available to the public in such a manner, but if I recall correctly, you need to have compiled on a system that uses a Floating Network License (the most expensive variety of license.)


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