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How to activate drop down menus by clicking instead of hovering

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Hi guys,
i just started creating a complex GUI and i am not that experienced yet. What i would like to have is a menu bar that contains dropdown menus as well as simple buttons... So for example the Tab 'Model' consists of a dropdown menue whereas the Tab 'Help' doesnt offer any other options. So Clicking help should immediately activate a callback whereas clicking 'Model' shall open the dropdown menu for further choices to be can i realize this??? so far i created this Surface below with the GUIDE environment that automatically implements hovering over the tabs insteand of clicking...
I would be very glad for your help:) Best regards, John
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Sep 2015
You forgot to attach your .fig and .m files with the paper clip icon. As of now, no one can try anything with your code.
John on 8 Sep 2015
Hi Image Analyst,
so here is my hole GUI attached. It works nice apart from the fact that the menu does behave as described above! i dont know how to solve this issue..would be quite important to have a functioning menu somehow... the Try1_subgui.m ist a GUI that is called when the menu-button settings in Try1.m is activated. It is just the basic so far because i just startet with getting familiar with GUI.
However, every menu that i create with GUIDE behaves this way...this is definately not intended!! i dont know how to fix it or what other options i do have to create a functioning menu-bar.
Best regards, john

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