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Mex XML config files for Intel compilers on Linux

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I was wondering if there were any of the new style XML mex config files available for Parallel Studio XE 2015 compilers on Linux.
I know this is not an officially supported compiler, but I have always found Intel compilers work pretty well. I have got Fortran working, but wasn't sure if other things would be needed for C and C++.
Also, is there any proper documentation anywhere of how the new system works. From trial and error is seems it searches for all the compilers in any xml file in MATLABROOT/bin/ARCH/mexopts, and when you select one with -setup:file LANG it overwrites mex_LANG_ARCH.xml in your user Matlab pref directory.
Is there a user-level mexopts dir where we should add our own compiler definitions that would also be searched?

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