How to group data in cells?

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Felix Lauwaert
Felix Lauwaert on 19 Aug 2015
My code works on a data file. By loading the file, I have a 5xn matrix (n is approximately BIG). Each column represents a point and are calculated by time, from 0 to 4500 several times. Time lapses between points are not equal. So my data looks like:
t1 t2 ... tn
y1 y2 ... yn
x1 x2 ... xn
So coordinates x and y haven't any kind of logic order.
Other rows are x' y' and energy, but are not needed for what I want now. I'm trying to group all points into a 2D meshgrid and calculate it's fractional ammount in order to plot a pcolor.
How could I do it? I sincerely have no idea where to start from.
Thanks for your answers.

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