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MATLAB : resize figure, axis does not move

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Sarah Guiffray
Sarah Guiffray on 15 Jul 2015
Commented: Brendan Hamm on 15 Jul 2015
I have a figure with 2 x-axis. But when I resize the figure, the second axis (on the top) does not move.
I declare the second axis like this :
ax2 = axes('Position',get(ax1,'Position'),... 'XAxisLocation','top',... 'YAxisLocation','right',... 'Color','none',... 'XColor','k','YColor','none');
set(ax2, 'XLim', get(ax1, 'XLim'),'YLim', get(ax1, 'YLim'));
set(ax2, 'XTick', get(ax1, 'XTick'), 'YTick', get(ax1, 'YTick'));
set(ax2, 'YTick', []);
How can I resolve this problem ?
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Brendan Hamm
Brendan Hamm on 15 Jul 2015
Can you format the code for your ax2 definition using the '{ } Code' button.
I cannot reproduce your problem, assuming it is the overhang of the second axis which is of issue. Would you mind providing more code for this?

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