Resample function error even with simple examples

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I get an "undefined function 'resample' for input arguments of type 'double' even when doing the simplest tutorial examples on the mathworks website. I've read about this error and having functions in the same directory as working. I've pulled in the resample.m function into my working directory. That just resulted in the same error for the gettimeseriesnames.m function. There must be a better way than bringing all of the matlab function files into my working directory. I've also tried setting my working path as the folder where these functions are stored. No luck....

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Ingrid on 11 Jun 2015
when setting the path, you should be sure that you have administrator rights (right click matlab before opening to select this open) + do you add the path with subfolders?
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Mayuko Obuchi
Mayuko Obuchi on 9 May 2016
Edited: Mayuko Obuchi on 9 May 2016
Hi! Unfortunately I have the same error. All files are in the same directory but "resample" doesn't work. I have only the basic version of Matlab (without any extensions and suites) and am using Matlab for the first time. Previously I used octave... and the script worked perfectly. What am I doing wrong? I would be very thankful for your support!

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