What is the difference between the Asynchronous Machines (Specialized Technology) and the Asynchronous Machines (fundamental) (Simscape Components)?

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What is the difference between the Asynchronous Machines (Simscape -> SimPowerSystems -> Specialized Technology -> Machines) and the Asynchronous Machines (fundamental) (Simscape -> SimPowerSystems -> Simscape Components -> Machines)? There must be something. Because why should there be two different components built up with same equations and also doing the same. So I would love to know what's different.
P.s.: I would appreciated if the answer is in German :)

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Abhishek GS
Abhishek GS on 3 Jun 2015
Hi Daniel,
SimPowerSystems 2G and 3G where respectively renamed "Spezialized Technology" and "Simscape Components".
SPS = SimPowerSystems
ST = Specialized Technology
SC = Simscape Components
SimPowerSystems 3G was introduced in MATLAB R2013b to bridge the gap between SPS and Simscape.
There are several differences between SimPowerSystems 2G and 3G. Some of the important ones are below:
1) SimPowerSystems 3G fully utilizes Simscape technology. This implies the following:
a) The blocks in the SimPowerSystems library can be interfaced directly with Simscape library components. No interface blocks required, so multi domain modeling is a lot easier.
b) Users can now write custom SimPowerSystems blocks just like writing a custom Simscape block. Refer this link for more info on the same.
c) Leverage Simscape capabilities such as: - Simscape logging (results, zero crossing statistics) are now available - Simscape statistics viewer - Simscape local solver, Power_GUI block is not required.
2) New features in SimPowerSystems 3G:
a)Composite three phase connections
b) No snubbers or parasitic required.
c)Examples models of 3g start with “pe_” prefix.
3) Features currently not in 3G:
a)Phasor Simulation and Load Flow
b)3phase fault block
c)Virtual nodes
d) Application specific libraries: electric drivers, FACTS, Wind Turbines.
For a high level comparison of the technologies please refer this link.
The following questions might help you decide whether to use 'Specialized Technology' or 'Simscape Components'
1. Will you include significant non-electrical content (thermal, magnetic, mechanical) in your model? YES -> SC
2. Do you need to create custom component models using Simscape language? YES -> SC
3. Will you need to integrate detailed, nonlinear switching effects into your system? YES -> SC
4. Do you need to use phasor simulation or load flow calculation? YES->ST
5. Do you need to simulate large electrical networks with optimal performance? YES->ST
Hope the above helps you,
PS : Please accept this answer if you found it useful. This may help others who are looking for similar questions.

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