Command 'hold on' does not work for boxplot when overlapping a figure

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I've got a boxplot with xlimits from 0.1 to 1.0 and from ylimits from 0 to 1.6.
I want to overlap a plot of just 5 points (plotted as dots) with xlimits from 0.18 to 0.4 and the y values being only 2.0.
However, the hold on function does not seem to work.
Any thoughts of that?
Thank you!

Answers (2)

Abhiram Bhanuprakash
Abhiram Bhanuprakash on 26 May 2015
Hi Christina,
I think this behaviour is because boxplot resets the axes limits, and you are not setting them back to see both the boxplots.
The following code (taken from this post ) seemed to replicate the behaviour you are observing now:
x = rand(5,1);
y = rand(10,1);
z = rand(15,1);
Xpos = [2 5 12];
group = [repmat(Xpos(1), 5, 1); repmat(Xpos(2), 10, 1); repmat(Xpos(3), 15, 1)];
boxplot(data, group,'positions', Xpos,'colors','k')
hold on
x =2+ rand(5,1);
y = 2+rand(10,1);
z = 2+rand(15,1);
Xpos = [3 6 12];
group = [repmat(Xpos(1), 5, 1); repmat(Xpos(2), 10, 1); repmat(Xpos(3), 15, 1)];
boxplot(data, group,'positions', Xpos,'colors','r')
But, I suspected that this could be because the x and y axes limits are different for the second box plot, and thus added the following two lines to the above code:
ylim([0 4])
xlim([0 15])
And voila! I could see both the plots!
From the y axes values which you have mentioned in the question, it looks like this is the issue. So try this out!

Nancy Usala
Nancy Usala on 11 Jul 2017
Hi, I have this 2 plots (1.-boxplot and 2.-lines)
I need to put the two plots together , I 'm trying with "hold on" but does not work. Please, can you help me?!
The codes that I used
clear all close all
dirdata = 'C:\Users\Amministratore\Desktop\ISAC-CNR\DIAPASON\Diapason Resultados 2006-2012\Resultados 2006-2012 statistic70'; cd(dirdata)
file=xlsread('DustYA vs Lat + pey (70)5y.xls');
AvgDLdD=file(:,12); via=file(:,5);
figure boxplot(AvgDLdD,via);
title('2006-2012 mean(70)5y'); axis ([0 22 0 10]); xlabel('Latitude(0.5 degree)'); ylabel('Dust Impact on Yearly Average PM10 (ug/m3)'); grid on hold on
% plot(puntomean,'s','MarkerEdgeColor','r','MarkerFaceColor','r','MarkerSize',4)
fplot(@(x)(1.8^13)*(x^-8)*10^10,[35 50],'k');%Pey et al 2013 %fplot(@(x)(1.7^13)*(x^-8)*10^10,[35 50],'r');%Pey et al 2013%!!! [Xct,Yct] = fplot(@(x)(1.7^13)*(x^-8)*10^10,[35 50]); plot(Xct,Yct,'r','LineWidth',2) fplot(@(x)(1.6^13)*(x^-8)*10^10,[35 50],'r');%Pey et al 2013%!!!

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