Can webread(url) be used to read a file?

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Naor Movshovitz
Naor Movshovitz on 28 Apr 2015
Commented: Timo Korthals on 7 Sep 2015
url = 'file:///c:/filename';
raw = webread(url);
fails complaining that the <file://> protocol is not supported. Can it be true? Why wouldn't it be supported? I know the url is correct because
raw = urlread(url);
works as expected (but returns an unwieldy string).
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Timo Korthals
Timo Korthals on 7 Sep 2015
Have you dug into the function? At one point the webread function just downloads the content and pass it to the function readContentFromFile(...). Maybe you can just work with this.

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