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Rename TIF files in a folder

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Tomer on 4 Jun 2024
Commented: Les Beckham on 8 Jun 2024
Hi. I have 21841 TIF format files (in a folder) with names like: Camera_6_100fps_20240403_0956560001, and so to Camera_6_100fps_20240403_09565621841. I want to rename them to the format Camera60001 so on to Camera621841. I have tried a for loop but did not succeed. Can someone please help me with this.
Michael VanMeter
Michael VanMeter on 4 Jun 2024
Can you post the for loop that you tried?
Tomer on 4 Jun 2024
% This code is to rename the file names
% Define the directory containing the TIF files
sourceDir = 'G:\Expt\Camera_6'; % Update this path to your directory
% Get a list of all TIF files in the directory
filePattern = fullfile(sourceDir, '*.tif');
tifFiles = dir(filePattern);
% Loop through each file and rename it
for k = 1:length(tifFiles)
% Get the current filename
baseFileName = tifFiles(k).name;
fullFileName = fullfile(sourceDir, baseFileName);
% Extract the index part from the filename
indexStr = baseFileName(end-7:end-4);
% Construct the new filename
newFileName = ['Camera6', indexStr, '.tif'];
newFullFileName = fullfile(sourceDir, newFileName);
% Rename the file
movefile(fullFileName, newFullFileName);
% Display the old and new file names
fprintf('Renamed %s to %s\n', fullFileName, newFullFileName);

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Accepted Answer

Les Beckham
Les Beckham on 4 Jun 2024
system('touch Camera_6_100fps_20240403_0956560001.tif'); % create files for testing
system('touch Camera_6_100fps_20240403_09565621841.tif');
files = dir('*.tif');
for iFile = 1:numel(files)
fn = files(iFile).name;
idx = find(fn == '_', 1, 'last') + 6; % + 6 to skip the timestamp
newfn = [strrep(fn(1:8), '_', '') fn((idx+1):end)]; % pull out the parts of the filename we want to keep
movefile(fn, newfn)
newfiles = dir('*.tif');
ans = 'Camera60001.tif'
ans = 'Camera621841.tif'

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Michael VanMeter
Michael VanMeter on 4 Jun 2024
You haven't provided enough detail on how you're attempting to rename these files, but a simple for loop using movefile should be sufficient. You can modify the dest (destination) variable as needed to get the desired naming convention.
files = dir('Camera_6*.tif');
[~, I] = sort([files.datenum]);
files = files(I);
fileNum = 60001;
for file = files'
src = fullfile(file.folder,;
dest = fullfile(file.folder,['Camera',num2str(fileNum),'.tif']);
movefile(src, dest)
fileNum = fileNum + 1;
Michael VanMeter
Michael VanMeter on 4 Jun 2024
Slightly different approach using regular expression.
files = dir('*.tif');
exp = 'Camera_\d+_\d+fps_\d+_\d{5}(\d+)\.tif';
for file = files'
matches = regexp(,exp,'tokens','once');
dest = ['Camera',matches{1},'.tif'];
movefile(, dest)

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