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Programmatically adjust the width of Document Bar

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Abhishek on 18 May 2024
Answered: Karan Singh on 19 Jun 2024 at 5:38
I am looking for a way to programatically adjust the width of this panel, does anyone have any ideas?
I am using setDocumentBarPosition to move this panel to the left side onf the window. I would like to adjust it's width but can't figure out how. I am able to get it's current inset value using getGroupContainerInsets but am stuck at trying to figure out how to modify it. there is definitely something that matlab is storing in the background because it remembers the width when i re-create the group in a different instance of matlab.

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Karan Singh
Karan Singh on 19 Jun 2024 at 5:38
Hi Abhishek,
To programmatically adjust the width of a panel in MATLAB, you can interact with the underlying Java components that MATLAB uses for its GUI. The following approach allows you to manipulate the width of a panel.
First, you need to get a handle to the Java component that represents your panel. This can be done using the “findjobj” function from the MATLAB File Exchange. Here is the link to download the same:-
After installation, Now we can proceed with the following example on how you can achieve this:
% Create Figure 1
hFig1 = figure('Position', [100, 100, 800, 600]);
% Create Panel 1 in Figure 1 and set its initial position and size
hPanel1 = uipanel('Parent', hFig1, 'Title', 'Panel 1', 'Position', [0, 0, 0.3, 1]);
% Function to adjust the panel width using MATLAB properties
function adjustPanelWidth(hPanel, newWidth)
% Get the current position
pos = get(hPanel, 'Position');
% Set the new width
pos(3) = newWidth;
% Update the panel position
set(hPanel, 'Position', pos);
% Print the new position for debugging
disp('New Position:');
% Adjust the panel width for Panel 1 in Figure 1 to 0.3 (normalized units)
adjustPanelWidth(hPanel1, 0.3);
New Position: 0 0 0.3000 1.0000
% Create Figure 2
hFig2 = figure('Position', [100, 100, 800, 600]);
% Create Panel 2 in Figure 2 and set its initial position and size
hPanel2 = uipanel('Parent', hFig2, 'Title', 'Panel 2', 'Position', [0, 0, 0.6, 1]);
% Adjust the panel width for Panel 2 in Figure 2 to 0.6 (normalized units)
adjustPanelWidth(hPanel2, 0.6);
New Position: 0 0 0.6000 1.0000
% Optional: Adjust the positions to make sure they are not overlapping
pos1 = get(hPanel1, 'Position');
pos2 = get(hPanel2, 'Position');
pos2(1) = 0; % Set the starting x position of Panel 2 to the leftmost edge (0)
set(hPanel2, 'Position', pos2);
% Print the final positions for debugging
disp('Final Position Panel 1:');
Final Position Panel 1:
disp(get(hPanel1, 'Position'));
0 0 0.3000 1.0000
disp('Final Position Panel 2:');
Final Position Panel 2:
disp(get(hPanel2, 'Position'));
0 0 0.6000 1.0000
The “adjustPanelWidth” function takes the panel handle and a new width as input. You can try it out in your use case.
Hope it helps!


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