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In 5G Toolbox the system-level simulation is very slow

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I'm using the PHY abstraction in The System-Level Simulation, yet the code runs very slowly (several hours to process a few frames on an ordinary Dell laptop). I have multiple cells (3) and multiple users per cell (6) , so that has an obvious impact on the run-time, but these are small numbers. Are there any tricks to speed this up? Our code is similar to provided examples such as "NR Cell Performance with Downlink MU-MIMO" and "NR Intercell Interference Modeling." I tried setting enableTraces to false, but that didn't help. I see there is a variable 'numMetricsSteps' that the code states affects simulaiton time, but I'm not sure if lowering it it will reduce accuracy?.Any other suggestions for speed-up?

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Shubham on 24 May 2024 at 17:32
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Laurence Mailaender
Laurence Mailaender on 28 May 2024 at 13:18
Hi Shubham. Thanks, but your tips are about simulink. I'm asking about a particular system-level tool from the 5G Toolbox. See I'm running a modified version of this example: Are you familiar with this kind of simulation?

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