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Embedded coder STM32 build successful but nothing happens on board

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Hello, I have been using the matlab embedded coder support package for about a year for my project and till last week everything was running smoothly. I recieved an rtiostream error while compiling which i could bypass by making a new model again, however, in the process of resolving this issue, I made a clean reinstall of matlab and all the support packages. Now I am trying to compile the same programs again but nothing happens on the board. I am not getting any errors in Matlab and it says build and download successful but on the board everything is blank. the input and output pins are not even configured when you try to measure them with multimeter.
Has anyone faced this issue and know a workaround for the same?
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Saurav Shandilya
Saurav Shandilya on 7 May 2024
Hi Sanath,
Please contact technical support (Contact Us - MATLAB & Simulink (, and share all relevant files and details about MCU board and Embedded Coder Support package used, so that this issue can be investigated further.

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