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Weird question about the editor...

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Spaceman on 9 Mar 2024
Commented: Spaceman on 8 Apr 2024
So this might be insanely daft of me to ask...
But most of my code writing takes place in the editor. When writing code/copy pasting stuff into a code comment I can't help but notice that thin line that runs veritcally down in the editor, over about 1/3 of the total lenth of the screen to the right of the code. What is this line? Why does it sometimes word-wrap my comments when it touches the line, and sometimes doesnt? Just a curious cat meowing into the midnight under the moonlight.
DGM on 21 Mar 2024
To be fair, I've changed my formatting style a number of times over the years, but I never fail to think that I've got it nailed down tight. It's almost like I don't know what I'm doing. :)
Spaceman on 8 Apr 2024
What do you mostly use MATLAB for?

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Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 9 Mar 2024
The line you are talking about is referred to as the "right-hand text limit". You can adjust some properties for it under MATLAB -> Settings -> Editor/Debugger -> Display. As I recall that line is just a visual reference, with no impact on wrapping.
There is also "Comment Formatting" under MATLAB -> Settings -> Editor/Debugger -> Language. That does affect wrapping. (It is a bit smart in that it won't split words in half, etc.)
I believe these are both set to 75 initially, but you can set them independently.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 10 Mar 2024
I have the "Display" value at 125, and the "Language" setting at 75. I can't remember if those are just the default, or I changed them.
Spaceman on 14 Mar 2024
I believe the default for the line is 75. I set mine to 100 columns as it seems to be more "out of my way". I only notice the issue of it not wrapping properly when I copy and paste something into my functions of scripts; There is probably a setting to fix that, of which I will never know.

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