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Looping through Axes on figure created using subplot

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Hello, I have a figure with 5 subplots on.
hf1=figure('position',pos,'Name','4LineScan'); % pos defined elsewhere
ax1=subplot(1,5,1); ax2=subplot(1,5,2); ax3=subplot(1,5,3);
ax4=subplot(1,5,4); ax5=subplot(1,5,5);
I then want to perform the same operation on different data and plot on one of each of the axes. Rather than have my code sequencial, Im thinking of doing it in a loop, but am trying to be able to get each axes in a loop.
I thought this might be one way
hChild = findobj(hf1, 'Type','Axes' )
But I want to be sure that on iteration 1 of the loop it picks out ax1, and then ax2 etc. Is there a way to do this
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 8 Jan 2024
As you are working with R2022b, (imo) it would be better to use tiledlayout and add plots to tiles using a for loop.

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Accepted Answer

Voss on 8 Jan 2024
hf1=figure('position',pos,'Name','4LineScan'); % pos defined elsewhere
% store the axes in an array:
ax = [ ...
subplot(1,5,1) ...
subplot(1,5,2) ...
subplot(1,5,3) ...
subplot(1,5,4) ...
subplot(1,5,5) ...
% then it's easy to access the ii-th axes in a loop:
for ii = 1:5
% do whatever you want with ax(ii)

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Jason on 8 Jan 2024
Actually I have got this to work
for i=1:5
% do what ever I want
It would still be nice to know how to get the actual axes name if thats possible
Jason on 8 Jan 2024
Joe, so "ax1", "ax2" etc, where I have deifned it earlier as ax1=subplot(1,5,1)
Joshi, it was neither.
Voss on 8 Jan 2024
@Jason: What are you going to do with ax1, ax2, ax3, ..., that you can't do with ax(1), ax(2), ax(3), ... (in my version) or A(1), A(2), A(2), ... (in your version)?
You can always construct a string that says 'ax1' or whatever
for ii = 1:5
str = "ax"+ii;
disp("Working with axes "+str);
Working with axes ax1 Working with axes ax2 Working with axes ax3 Working with axes ax4 Working with axes ax5

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